Our Philosophies In Dealing With Elizabeth and Her Dyspraxia and SPD

Everybody who has ever had a child, immediately has hopes and dreams for the family God has given you. Did you envision holidays and birthdays, celebrate with and for your child. Maybe famliy vacations at the beach…..Whatever crossed your mind probably did not include how to have these family times with a child who has special needs.

If this does happen in your life you find yourself making these memories just in a different way. To me and my husband, our family is THE most important thing. We LOVE our time together. We love being with our children and just experiencing life with them. BUT we have had to create these memories in ways that were and are a bit different due to our daughter Elizabeth’s special needs. But we have done it and we have quite a memory bank full of great moments.

It is hard work but so worth it. You can do it too, it takes planning and adaptations for sure. But we just returned from our most recent family trip and it was fantastic.

There is something good that happens each day, even if it was something small. I have had days where I set out to accomplish a certain thing and we just did not do it. But then when I play the day back in my head I see that the kids all had fun or that Elizabeth was looking at clothes with Emily at the store we all were in.
I have learned that each sliver of success is a good, wonderful thing. Anytime I can see my family having fun I will give thanks.
I have learned that what I value and what some of the rest of the world values are two different things.
That each day is a gift and that each hug or each graceful moment should be treasured and that they build your family’s groundwork. Please join me for more soon…..

We had a great day today
It is so interesting to me to think about the person I would be if this beautiful, happy and oh so complex child had none of her issues. I think about it sometimes,about how I treasure the little things so much. How I hold tight to a special success or smile. Many people do not relish these small things as God has maybe given them larger success so thereby the small ones maybe go unnoticed. Today was a rainy day in our town and I had the coziest movie time with my kids, all on the couch , all munching popcorn, all HAPPY and ALL HAPPY TOGETHER! To me it is huge and a beautiful memory.to others maybe just a way to pass the day.
We never had the movie times with our Elizabeth before as she would cry or fuss and then we would have to stop the movie, so to have a whole movie and to sit with them is a gift.

To treasure the smalles of things is the gift of our Elizabeth for sure….To those who may need to know….talk the littlest victories and rejoice and tuck them away in your heart and mind for the times when you are struggling. More to come later

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