Busy Time

Hi, sorry that I have not posted in a bit. It seems like life has gotten in the way of any plans I have made. All seems well with Elizabeth. I have been happy to spend some time on the phone talking to someone who read my book and asked me to talk through some things for her daughter. One of the reasons I wrote the book was to reach out and it makes me feel like I accomplished that goal when I can help someone else. At least by talking and offering ideas that worked for us.

Big Elizabeth news….she was texting last night. I LOVED watching her do it. She very much needed her favorite BBQ chips and her Dad was the link to those chips! She texted him and he was so surprised to receive it. I thought it was great that she even insisted on capitalizing her name at the end( I would have been happy just to send the text).

We are entering IEP season so now it is time to think about summer skills to learn and even next year! Yuck not quite ready for that.

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