Just Some Thoughts


Everyday we all go about our business in the world, some days we go to the store, the library and a coffee shop. Some days there are no errands to do so we get a day at home. Really, for so many people there is no second thought given. But in my world, in my day to day life, so much thought is given to every venture out into public.

I am sure we can all remember a time when we slipped on a wet spot on the floor or forgot to button a shirt the correct way. And I am sure we can remember how we felt when a few more eyes were on us than we were used to. It is a cringe worthy moment for sure. Throughout our life with Elizabeth, we, she and our family, have been on the receiving end of those stares, and wondering glances. We weren’t able to escape the looks and stares, unless we chose to stay home all the time. Which would not have been possible or healthy.

Due to Elizabeth’s two conditions, we had to help her learn the proper way of acting in public. We had to help her learn the subtle nuances of social interactions. It was and is very hard work. Some one once commented to me while we were in church that it was so great of us to take her with us. I was somewhat surprised and shocked because it never occured to us NOT to take her with us. Not to take her into the world.

Why did we do it? Because she deserved a chance to learn and live.

I hope you will read my book. It tells our story so completely

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