Got To Stay On Your Toes

It is funny but once in a while I get this nudge that I should be doing something for Elizabeth, like I forgot something. I think of it as the still quiet voice. So the other night I was sitting and I realized that I needed to reach out to Elizabeth’s substitute teacher, to see if he had any questions about Elizabeth, her IEP, or her disorders. Elizabeth’s intervention specialist just became a mom a week ago so this new teacher will be with Elizabeth until the end of the year.

I went to the school yesterday and I was so happy that he was open to hearing about Elizabeth, he did have some questions, which I was happy to answer. I am happy to say the initial meeting went very well. I sent some information about Elizabeth to him today and he has my cell number as well as my email.

I felt so much better after meeting him and the funny thing is I knew there would be a sub, I knew there would be a change for Elizabeth but since this was really a first for us, I had to think how best to handle it and I am glad I listened to the quiet voice as I know now that I have started the communication path for this new teacher and I even if it is for just a few weeks.

I guess I will say the IEP is to be there to speak for the child and their needs but since it really can’t say it all, that is where we come in to fill those voids. Just some thoughts…….

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