Is It Okay To Say Today Was Just Plain YUCKY?????

Hi, do you like the tough word I used to describe my day with Elizabeth? Let’s be honest, I could be using a much more adult word but hey, let’s keep it as it is.

Today and yesterday, my lovely, has been looking so stressed, so out of sorts and her behavior in her classes has been a bit less than stellar. She appears to have signed out for the school year! She seems to be in summer mode which would be great if we were done but we still have 2 more weeks of school. She and I are differing greatly this week and she is responding to what I am asking with the right words but not doing what is asked…. It is like she is saying it with the hopes that I will then stop talking. AS I READ THIS I SEE TYPICAL TEENAGER SCREAMING OUT AT ME. But even if that is true she has to be appropriate in her classes and in public.

Wish us luck in finding out how to get back on track…oh and did I mention she came home today with a temperature, so she is relaxing in her room, while I run over this stuff in my head again and again.

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