It is finally the last day of school for us. Everyone else has been out for a week or two already but we kept chugging along! But we are done at last.

I am so happy that the year was very accomplishing for Elizabeth and I have to thank all those who worked with her this year for working with her so well, for listening to my thoughts and ideas and for REALLY caring about Elizabeth and how to teach her.

I am excited for summer and for a break in the routine of school but something I have learned in this marathon is that even though we say” AHH summmer”, children like Elizabeth need a little more guidance to achieve the “AHH” moment. Like all children the adjustment from busy to off is big for ELizabeth it is bigger, with her dyspraxia she needs extra time to process the new changes, the new schedule. We talked about summer a long while before it arrived, and today, happily she is ready to be in it.

I recommend keeping a visual schedule of your day ( a loose one) for them to see as a day of nothing may suite us but to ELizabeth it may be too much nothing. She needs to see an outline at least of the days plans and that can include the obvious like breakfast….trip to store…movie time etc… I have found this to be very helpful.Elizabeth and I write the schedule each day so she sees it right off and it really does give a bit of structure for them to have.

I am thankful for the good year and I am praying for a safe fun summer with my beautiful children.

See you soon for more

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