Piano Lessons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, I am more proud than I can say. We have a beautiful player piano that has been in our family for over 80 years and we finally found someone to tune it and get it up to snuff. Michael has been playing it and asked for lessons. So we called around an found a person to come to the house to give lessons, she is still in high school but is a very talented singer and musician.

She arrived today and Michael had his lesson and did well, then Elizabeth asked for her lesson…..I was so excited and so happy…

I put a small sticker of a different color on the five keys they would be starting with and that way the teacher could say finger on blue or red.

I did not hear a sound from the room from her except the keys being played….SHE LOVED IT!!!!!

The instructor said she did really well and picked up on the instructions so well.

I am more thank happy and more than proud…I knew she wanted to take the lesson but sometimes her SPD will overrule even the biggest want, and her dyspraxia will make the doing hard but today she did what she wanted to and she succeeded!!!!!!!!!! I will take it.

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