It Is Always A Journey

One thing I will say is that being a parent of a child with special needs is never the same day twice. There are the days that you have such successes and then the days when you just need bedtime to come.

This summer is another leg on our journey. I have seen many new and wonderful things in Elizabeth this summer. Things that make me smile and give thanks and just as much some things that make me sad.

I watch as she tries new things such as cooking and piano and I rejoice and then I watch her try the skilled activities such as tennis or baseball and the nerve-wracking activities like paying for things at the store( this one will throw her as it puts the spot light on just her and her SPD shows so much)…and I think how much I just wish things could be easy for her. And then…how can we make them easier for her…and then lets try to do this and that to make them easier…then lets teach her this to help her…and on and on See the journey part here?

I know that she is so smart and so loving and so caring and I know that she can do and learn and achieve but knowing all that does not make the journey less bumpy or less painful. I know so many people on are the same path we are and I know that at times is is all so overwhelming, as it still is for me.

I know when I get in this kind of reflective mood that it is best for me to just give myself the day to think and feel. I feel you really need to be honest with yourself and FEEL for a bit.

I hope you don’t mind a bit reflection here today.. See you soon for more

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