This particular area of my website is the hardest for me to write about as I am still dealing with the community or as I say to Elizabeth “public”. I think once you exit your door you enter “public” and with it you enter a place where your child may act differently than other children and where they may garner more attention than others andwhere you may be more on edge. I talk about not being too hard on yourself in my last entry but that is a much easier said than done statement. I find myself having mini-pep talks with myself often. Telling myself that the salelady, who just treated Elizabeth like she a little child, just did it to be nice. Or that next time it happens I will tell the salelady to talk to her as you do anyone else. I have these mini-pep talks with myself because “public” is always going to be there and it is someplace you NEED to be in. ( unless you order all your groceries on line…just a joke here) but seriously, find some kind words to say to yourself when you are nervous, find some kind words you feel comfortable saying to people who may look or treat your child differently than you would like and tuck them away to dip into if you need them. It helps you be prepared for “public” and allows you to enjoy the successes of even being there in the first place … The disorders will always be a part of who these special children are. So we will always have work to do…But it does get better

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