August Is Here!

To those who aren’t like me the arrival of August is just a flip of the calender and a statement like. “wow, summer sure has gone fast” but for me it is a flip of the calendar and a moment of “Ugh” as papers fall out of the calendar. And on these papers and notes are all the ideas and notes and thoughts I have had or made about Elizabeth all summer that I need to organize for the next year. I have to think and organize and basically start to focus on the new school year right now.

I have learned that it is important to have all the necessary information to be ready to go AHEAD of the first day of school and to try to meet the new teachers AHEAD of the first week of school ( Even ahead of the day some schools set aside to meet the teachers), I have learned that once the year starts it is too hard to try to do the initial meeting and my want is that the new teachers have an understanding of Elizabeth and her disorders BEFORE they meet her this way everyone knows everything and then we can begin the year.

Then there is the fine tuning of the IEP that will be done before the first day as new things have been accomplished this summer and the IEP should reflect those changes….

I would love to put all the papers back in the calendar and flip it to June again…I LOVE my children home with me!! But I cant and to make sure ELizabeth has the most successful year she can I have to ….. keep the calendar on August ….take the required deep breath….and get started.

Good luck to all those getting ready for another year!!!!!!!!

More soon. take care

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