A New School Year

Tuesday is our first day of school, I said in the entry before all the work it takes to prepare for a school year. but now that the year is starting I realize again all that will go into the school year. communication is the key to making good choices for your child. How can you really gauge how their day is going unless you are kept informed. How can you know what you need to follow-up with at home unless you are kept informed and above all how can you make any changes or adjustments unless you are kept informed. I used to think that the conference time was a good time to ask questions but then when you think about it those usually occur in last Fall somewhere in early November and by then the year is well underway and any changes or thoughts you could have done or said early on are now going to be done or heard near the holiday time. It is hard to affect a change, in my opinion, as the school nears the holiday time as the whole demeanor of the school and the children are entering holiday mode. You may have think about the mode you want to use to communicate: email, daily log sheets, notes each day…but think about starting early then your pattern is set before the year really gets underway So I guess as I see my Elizabeth getting herself mentally ready for the year and ready for day number one, I get myself ready also. Wishing you all a good beginning to the 2012-2013 school years….SEE YOU BACK SOON FOR MORE

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