Letting People Know Is So Important

I am writing this the day after we had our second orthodontist’s appointment. It was the day Elizabeth was to get impressions done. Well when you are someone who has Sensory Processing Disorder like Elizabeth, that can be a challenge. I am so happy to say that she did amazing! She had them done as well as all the required “before” pictures and came out smiling.

I give so much credit to Elizabeth, she told me she was nervous but that she could do it, she told me she was not going to let her anxiety get her and she did her deep breathing. She and I talked about what she could expect in terms of tastes and sensations(I tried hard here to cover it all). Elizabeth simply did GREAT.

I have to give such a big thanks to the office staff. And this is for many reasons. When I initially made the appointments for Elizabeth, I took that time to share about her dyspraxia and SPD. I gave them some examples of how she might act or how she could appear very fearful and I gave them my website to look at more information about both Elizabeth and her two disorders.For those who don’t have a website(joke here) mentioning the dyspraxia usa website or SPD foundation website as sources of information can help. When we arrived for the initial evaluation, the staff had not only read the information, they copied it and placed the pages in her chart so that anyone who works with Elizabeth will know how to manage her stressful times, they talked to her like we do, not down to her and they were patient and gave her the time she needed to process all that was going on. I was so thankful and so excited that this was done for her and us.

It is such proof that letting people know is so important…in this case it resulted in the office doing even more than I had hoped for.

Very early on, I used to be the kind of person who to try to have it all work out by guiding just Elizabeth and her behavior. But I have learned the power of knowledge and now I cannot say enough how much it means to guide those who will be working with your child, be it in any capacity.

Hope everyone is having a good week….Me? I will be living off this success for a long long time..

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