Pictures and The Truth

I just got off a website for a mom who blogs about SPD and her daughter… sounds familiar but no it was not mine! But as I read the entry then took a look at the picture of her child, I like many would see just a beautiful child who appears to be a typical child. I don’t know why this one picture made me feel like writing about this topic but it did. The child in the picture had a great hat on and a huge smile…pretty typical right? But for those of us who have children who appear to be typical in their outward appearance, the disorders they have don’t show themselves right away, know how hard it is in this world.

The fits, the meltdowns, the anxiety…when those signs of SPD show themselves, it makes it hard as Elizabeth appears to be just like everyone else..and so many people would wonder why this child is acting this way….

The hesitation to play a game, to do a new task, the messy handwriting…when those signs of dyspraxia show themselves, people just wonder why she does not just try to do these things..

The dyspraxic thinking will never be seen by people but will show in her inability to sequence tasks or thoughts…so she may just appear like she does not understand things..but she does..she as well as other dypsraxic children do.

What people see is not always the reality and the what people see is not what is always the whole picture…So to those who see our children and wonder “why this is happening”,or “why that is happening” please know our children are special, complex, and as you can see by the pictures we show or the faces you see….beautiful people.

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