Some Fall Thoughts

Well we are coming off a one of the busiest weeks I think we have had in a long while, of course I think I have said that particular phrase before, but suffice it to say THIS time I know it is true.

I was thinking about all the traditional fall things that we are doing, like getting pumpkins, jumping in leaves, long walks, and like I have told everyone on this blog before, the marking of a season ending and a new one starting, or any marking of time passing is hard on me.

I find myself comparing what Elizabeth is doing now to what she was doing last year. Or if she did it last year is it a bit easier for her this year. I cannot seem to help myself, even as much as I try.

I think anyone with a special child knows this feeling, they are always in your heart and mind.

As I did my review, Yes I still ultimately did they review…….I can say I saw a beautiful teenager covered head to toe in a leaf pile with her little brother. ready to jump out and chase others as leaf monsters,With her SPD, ELizabeth NEVER wanted to be covered before so we loved watching this, she loves her Halloween costume including the hat which typically would have bothered her before but this year she is fine with it.
She is enjoying her barefood walks even in the grass that has acorns in it..and just a few years ago she still was not quite sure she liked the feel of wet grass.

I know it is weird but these little things just mean so much… I am happy she is able to work with her own self to accomplish new things.

We still have work to do,with her dyspraxia we are always working on writing and learning new tasks but if Elizabeth is the one who wants to achieve then the learning will be so much easier for her and us.

I want to keep encouraging her to try things…to believe in herself…to know she can do anything.

I hope my next seasonly ( is that a real word?) review includes more things that I can see she did FOR herself, because she WANTED to. I love that she loves life. I love that she smiles and loves her hugs and I love that for once I could not find her in the leaf pile at all.

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