What A Nice Weekend

I am sitting here on Sunday night, having just put in 2 very long happy days this weekend. It really was such a nice fun weekend. The weather was nice about 65 degrees so we could go outside alot, which was great. But what I really loved was how much I enjoyed Elizabeth.

She was feeling so content in herself and was feeling very peaceful. She went out to lunch with her sister Saturday, to church today, and out to lunch again as a family. I loved watching her, she acted so appropriately.

She and I took a couple walks together and she was talking to me, taking turns talking and staying on topic. I quite simply loved it and then she wanted some music on my phone so I put some on and she started dancing down the sidewalk, laughing. I had my usual moment when I wondered…is the appropriate? should I stop her? but then I thought “You know what?..she is HAPPY, so I joined her! and in the words of Elizabeth it was fun to “shake what your mama gave you”

I think what I love most is that SHE was happy this weekend, to hear her laugh, watch her bright eyes and smile, it wonderful. I have to allow myself to revel in this all because as parents of special children know, there is no guarantee that all will be the same in the morning.

Tomorrow being Monday may just in itself be enough to cause this smiling child to morph into a grumpy teenager who wishes for more sleep or days off. But for now my memories of the weekend and her happiness are with me.

Wishing everyone a good start to your week, even if your special child turns into the Monday grump.

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