A Bunch Of New Year’s Thoughts

Well, here we all are…Christmas is a memory (a good one for everyone I hope) and our             New Year will be upon us.   It is always the same, tomorrow all the shopping channels will be focusing on exercise equipment, trying to sell treadmills to those who will become exercise converts for at least a month ( I wish them well to continue longer). There will be the diets that are advertised, the blenders to make some awesome shakes out of kale, spinach and a whole orange ( I will admit, I am intrigued by the whole orange being dropped in and BAM ..it is juice) but anyway, we will all be bombarded by these new year resolutions.

Should we make them? Do they work?  I don’t know as I myself usually think of one or two things I want to change and try to do them but they are usually small as I think then I stand a better chance of succeeding but that is just me.

So as I think of the inevitable for tomorrow, I start to think that the one resolution that we could all adopt, and by all I mean those who have a “special” child is to begin 2013 with a new attitude.  The attitude that we need to be kinder to ourselves as caregivers, to allow ourselves to make a mistake or two, to forgive ourselves if we get angry or frustrated.  To know we are only human, and as such we will stumble on our path.  But not to forget our path is somewhat curvier and bumpier that others.  We know this in our hearts but to know it on a day where we were less than we want to be..well that is the tough moment and one in which the new year resolution would kick in.

I struggle each day, try my best each day but I stumble and I know I am going to try to adopt the resolution.  It will be hard but I am going to try and hopefully we can all outlast the those who just purchased those treadmills on January 1st.

Good luck and blessing for a Happy 2013

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