Sometimes You Just Feel Thankful

So much of our time is spent thinking of our children,”Are they OK?” “Do they need anything?” and on and on. Add in the situations we face with a child with special needs and that time spent thinking seems to multiply times 10. We think about what they are learning, how they are learning, what they do in school, how they behave in school, when is the next therapy?, how will it go? Yes, we certainly have busy minds.In addition to that we have had to feel so much about what our child has done, can do, cannot yet do and what they have missed out on.

I know if you are like me, you have also devoted a lot of brain space to things that have been difficult to deal with or even a big disappointment to you or your child.  I often write in articles about how tired my brain can get from all the thinking, analyzing and planning.  I know so much can weigh down our hearts that I had to write about something that just plain made me happy and thankful this week.

I had posted once earlier about people just “getting” your child and how wonderful that was, today I have to follow-up with how great it is when a whole event can be adapted to your child’s needs, and with that your child can enjoy what otherwise would have been simply too much for them.

Confirmation in the Catholic church is a very important sacrament, and in our parish, it involves many activities, meetings, rehearsals and finally the big night.  The mass and ceremony can last two hours.  It is a beautiful night but for Elizabeth, it would simply be a bit much.  We, with the help of our catechesis director and a very understanding priest, were able to arrange home study instead of all the meetings, and  a private confirmation for Elizabeth, one made for just her at the time that work well for her.  She did beautifully, enjoyed the blessing and was proud.

Thank you to all who made this possible, thank you for hearing us, listening to our concerns and helping us to make the best possible for Elizabeth.

Sometimes, you are simply so thankful.   Have a good week.






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