Friends Forever

I can remember a time about 6 years ago when Emily, Elizabeth and I were headed somewhere in my car, it was summertime, and was a really pretty day.  We passed our swim club and then we saw Emily’s friend and her sister( the same ages as my girls,) riding bikes with their destination being the pool.  I saw a look cross Emily’s face and I knew the answer before I asked the question but I asked it anyway “You wish you could do that with Elizabeth, don’t you?” Her answer was what I had expected “Yes, it would be really great to go to the pool, just Lizzie and me. but I know we can’t’   I don’t know why I asked it because the answer certainly did not do wonders for my heart but we have never been a family to hide our feelings or not talk about them, so maybe I will attribute it to this. Elizabeth’s disorders of SPD and dyspraxia, had made so many things such hard work for her and so much of an adjustment for Emily. I could not imagine Emily taking on the responsibility of her sister, in a crowded pool, with screaming kids etc.. From this question, my girls and I had a pretty nice conversation that day about friendship and sisters and love.

Emily and I talked with Elizabeth as I drove, about how much it means for Emily to have her sister be her best friend, how doing things together means so much to Emily.  Elizabeth was listening and smiling, she said she wanted to try to do more things with Emily. She said how much she loved Emily,

I talk about this one vivid memory, even though we have an infinite number of times or experiences where they have hugged or said “I love you” to each other. But it was this one time that stands out for me because the evidence of what could have been just flew by us on bicycles. We had to use that moment to talk, to see that we could handle the feelings we had.

I think the good of talking this through was to see all that they felt for each other, all the things that they COULD do together, and best of all that they wanted to do together.

Elizabeth is blessed to have Emily and Emily is blessed to have Elizabeth.  Their love amazes me….

I share this tonight, as my daughter Emily has devoted her NHS project to helping Dyspraxiausa, and in turn her sister and those others living with the disorder of dyspraxia.

Love is a wonderful thing.

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