We Share So Much

Haven’t there been times when you are having an angry moment that you really feel so separated from the world, you want to scream and yell and you feel like everyone else is getting along except you.  Or a moment when you see someone helping someone, or you yourself reach out to hold the door for an elderly person, or be that person in the right place at the right time to help someone.  It is at that moment when you can have the realization that we are all in this life together…that we are all just trying to do our best and get through the days, enjoying our days the best we can.  And sometimes those moments just make you so thankful that you can FEEL those feelings.

We are all in this life together, anyone walking near you, anyone you see, is indeed in the life.  But there are so many of us that have more in our lives than others, maybe it is a sick relative, a loss of a job, an illness you yourself has.  Yes life does take on so many twists and turns and so many ups and downs.

For those who have a child who has special needs then they will understand that those ups feel like they go higher than most and sadly the downs feel like the biggest drop ever. The twists and turns can come at you a rapid fire speed, and sometimes you are ready for them and sometimes they take you so completely by surprise that later you can find yourself crying because you don’t know what the next step on this journey with your child will be.

My daughter has two of the disorders shared by those on the autism spectrum, she has Sensory Processing Disorder, SPD and Dyspraxia.   So simply stated but so very very complex.  She has been battling these disorders and finding firm footing for life since she was two.   The world scared her when she was young…any sensation was too much for her.  We fought to make gains for her, we fought to get her to try things. We fought for her to have a life.  Dyspraxia has made learning all skills be them big or small so hard and time consuming and made her first real words come at the age of five.

I share these facts about my daughter because so many in the autism community are working with those same disorders,are working on the same goals we are, are just trying their best for theirr child each day…to try to make gains, achieve goals, and to simply love their special child each and everyday.

I support those in the autism community on this special day and month, I share with them the desire to succeed for our children, I share with them the hopes and the dreams for our children and I share with them the heartbreak when something does not workout. our paths may not be straight but so many gifts come from the roads we have been on and the roads we will be taking in the future.

We are all in this life together, but for some, like us, we have a bit stronger of a tie together

Yes, Indeed we share so much!



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