We Have Hit the Middle

So many of you know that summer seems long when you first get those kiddos home in June and then before you officially stamp out your Fourth of July sparkler, you look up to see the dreaded….BACK TO SCHOOL SALES.  Be them at the stores or in your newspaper, make no mistake…they are there.

I secretly think that it is a plot to keep us forever in a buying mode but what I feel does not get those pencils and folders pulled off the shelves.

For many it is a reminder of two things…one that the Christmas decorations will be up by Halloween and two, that like it or not, school is on the horizon.

For those who have typically developing children, that means that we can drag…I mean, take our children to one of a hundred stores and buy what is on the supply list for the upcoming school year.  We can discuss folder colors and if mechanical pencils are better that wooden ones ( in my opinion….yes) and then we can go home and throw the bag in a corner until we are forced to label everything and take it in on the “meet the teacher day”

For those who have a special needs child, it all means so much more….besides the fact that we will need those supplies, is the fact that a new year is approaching.  A new teacher, a new aide perhaps, a new bus driver….new, new,, new.   And because of the newness, we as parents need to help link the old to the new.  We need to bridge what was to what will be.

In other words, we have to take what our child was doing at the end of the previous school year, add in all the good growth in the summer, and somehow convey this to the teacher.

It is so important that everyone starts the year on the same page…that everyone knows the current update about your child….

I think now, right before we greet August, is a great time to get a blank piece of paper and jot down all the things you would like someone (don’t think teacher) who does not know your child, to know about your child.  This is all the current things…including the good, the not so good and even things you need help with.   By doing this you can get a rough outline of information you can use to write a letter about your child to hand to the new teacher, driver, aide and etc….

I have found out how great it is to offer this information out….it is helpful on so many levels.

Now is the time to attempt such a task as the closer we get to school the more hectic we feel and the busier we get.  This way your outline is ready for you to write your letter right before school starts.

I offer this out now as I too have my blank paper ready….I wish you all a peaceful week.

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