A Review by Jean Hall for Readers’ Favorite

Reviewed by Jean Hall for Readers’ Favorite

Raising a special needs child seems to be like nurturing a rose with many thorns. Holding onto the stem is painful, but the bloom can be spectacular. Michele Gianetti, R.N., writes I Believe In You and she shares her worthwhile, but sometimes painful journey. Michele and her husband John bring Elizabeth into the world, along with their other two children, Emily and Michael. But Elizabeth is different. After a time of denial there is a diagnosis — dyspraxia and sensory processing disorder. There is lack of coordination for dyspraxia. And there is heightened and disordered reaction to sensory input or stimulation. Elizabeth must constantly be calmed and held to soothe her exquisite nerves. There is crying and screaming at the smallest change in physical circumstances, visual cues, or temperature. Michele tries out different types of therapies in a kind of deliberate chess game. Ever so slowly, progress is made.

Michele Gianetti makes a slow introduction to her parenting and medical tale. It seems necessary to explain some of the medical terms and circumstances in order to fully appreciate her family’s life. Then the floodgates are open and the book seems cathartic for this courageous mom. This special story of a mother and daughter’s journey has many practical resources for families in similar situations. But Michele’s insights and care in observing her daughter’s challenges could be applied to more ordinary behavioral challenges. The table of contents is helpful for reference after the book is read. Michele Gianetti’s I Believe In You is a master course in intelligent and spiritually-based parenting.

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