My First Product Review- The Master Opener from Kuhn Rikon

We bought this opener in December of 2013, I had had such a hard time getting Elizabeth to open cans for our cooking time or for her snacks ( she loves tomato soup).  I saw this and thought “Yes, something that will keep her hands safe”

She and I talked about how to use it and worked on her hand grip to get the right angle to get the hook under the can tab.  We practiced and practiced and then she GOT IT!   Lid off….soup is on!

We have worked on the other types of cans and bottles it opens and it really does help.

I advise watching them as they do this, so as to avoid a cut or other mishap.

For us, with Elizabeth’s dyspraxia, it is all about practice and practice.  It was hard for Elizabeth to orient herself as to which way to hold the opener, so I drew a smile face of the side of the tab opener that would be facing her when in use.  I told her to always look at the smile face.  This helped her to process which way to hold the handle and aided in her success.

I hope this product will help your child be just that much more independent.  Good luck!!

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