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How sweet is this story? How lovely that Emily loves Elizabeth so much even from page 2, Emily “does miss having her sister around.’  Obviously, Elizabeth (the sister) takes a lot out of Emily’s life.  Emily misses time with Mom and Dad and later we find out how embarrassing it is for her to have a sister with a disability. But what is wonderful about this book is the hope it conveys.  Emily ends up talking to Mom and Dad (focus on what is gained from honest communication) and Emily ends up getting so much support from her parents too (focus on what is gained from honest relationships). The girls become ‘the best of friends’. Michele Gianetti even leaves us with a gift; Elizabeth ‘side-stepped the girl drama of the tween years!” So really that is the best news about SPD . . .  with support and love so much can be overcome.  ? Michele Gianetti’s book is a winner; with empathy and authenticity, she has hit the ball out of the ball park.  A MUST READ!

Lucy Jane Miller, Ph.D, OTR

Founder, STAR Institute for SPD

Clinical Professor, Dept. of Pediatrics, University of Colorado Denver

Professor of Pediatrics, Rocky Mountain Colorado

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