People Who Enter Your Journey

Sometimes I take a moment and think about all of the people who have entered into our lives as we have been on this journey with Elizabeth.  Sometime the people join us for a little while.

Other times, they are on the journey with us for a long time.

And sometimes, some people simply surprise you with the appearance.

I have just had that happen with Elizabeth.

This person was someone who graduated from High School with me.  She was so nice in high school.  Always the one who was friendly to everyone. Always the one to talk to everyone.  But as it happens, we all went our separate ways after graduation.

Our paths crossed again when she worked at the school where I was a school nurse. It was fun working with her then and seeing that she stayed that really fun, easy going person.

I then left the job and had our first child.  And then Elizabeth was born.  And well, you know the rest.

So I did not see this friend again.  Until…..

We met up this past summer at a garage sale she was having.  Right down the street from us.  Who knew she lived right on the street that I job down?!  So we talked and it turns out she works at the same university that Elizabeth was going to go to this year.

This great person told me she wanted to meet Elizabeth, perhaps have her work with her, if that was possible.

Well, we put those plans into action and it has worked out quite well so far.
Elizabeth finds my old friend to be pretty fun too and she enjoys spending time working with her and learning some new things.

It is funny how life takes these twists and turns. Sometimes, we simply do not see it coming at all.  But man, is it nice when it all works out!

So thank you to my old friend, your personality and great heart are helping to make a difference for Elizabeth!   And it is so appreciated.

Welcome to the journey!

I wish everyone a peaceful week.


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  1. Loved this story! How nice for you to reconnect! Lucky for Elizabeth! Hope you all are having a wonderful fall even though it feels more like summer!❤️

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