Giggles From The Therapy Expert

When you are a child, like Elizabeth who has spent so many countless hours in therapy, you become somewhat of a pro at it. Not that it is easy, and not that she still does not resist initially, but just that you are so used to it that you know the general rhythm of a therapy session.

There are the initial greetings “Hello Elizabeth, how did is go all week for you?”, then the moment she sits down to get to work, or stand up in the case of her gym-therapy, then the description of what is going to happen, then the work and learning begin. Afterwards, I get the wrap-up, the homework, the hug from Elizabeth. Elizabeth gets the excitement of doing something new, the relief to be done and the requisite hug from EVERY therapist.

Sure there may be differences but that is the way it goes most times….but this new therapy this week was not Elizabeth’s but Michael’s. Continue reading

Pre- Christmas and Post Thanksgiving

Wow, I am amazed as I am every year at this time that Christmas is here. I know that sounds weird but it seems to me it arrives sooner and sooner each year. due to the stores putting out decorations around the Fourth of July these days. But I think that because so much of the feelings and hopes for a “Happy Holiday” and a “Merry Christmas” are centered around a rush of lights, colors, sounds, smells and required activities that I think I see, to a lesser degree than before, but still see Christmas as as “Oh my God, how will we get Elizabeth to do this activity?” or “How will she do in the big crowd?” “what social story can I use to help guide her behavior?” We have had many a Christmas decorating where Emily was happily hanging ornaments and Elizabeth could not be coaxed from behind a chair in the den. We have had a number of Christmas days that saw Elizabeth asking not once but what felt like 753 times “Time to go home now, right Mom?” Continue reading

SPD is a Hard Thing To Pin Down

I am sitting here today watching the election results and I was thinking of the fact that the holidays are looming. Isn’t that a funny word as it sounds like something scarey is just WAITING for us.

The sad thing is for those who have sensory processing disorder or SPD, or who have a family member with the disorder, the holidays can seem to be that looming force. We ask ourselves how do we make the holidays work? How do we help our child navigate the sheer force of sensory input that is the holiday season itself? and on and on.

But the thing I was pondering today was that even though a child with SPD..(hey let’s just pick mine for the sake of example) has a huge fear of the dark. This fear was brought on by her SPD and a bad planetarium experience some 4 years ago. It is so bad that she won’t go into a theater. (Her reaction to a movie theater or a play is so intense and fearful that we as a family plan movie time AROUND her,) can go out into the dark to trick or treat. Why is that? Continue reading