Graduation Thoughts

Can I believe Elizabeth is graduating in a few months?

Can I believe that another leg of her journey in life is ending?

Can I believe that all the hard work she has done in her life to get to this point will matter now more than ever?

The answer to all the above is pretty much a big NO.

I mean logically I know that graduation is coming Continue reading

What I Would Not Change

I read alot about special needs.  Treatments, therapies, effects on families.  I read the sad blogs about what could have been and read the more uplifting ones about what good things have happened.  I read posts about what families wish for their special needs child and what they wish they could change FOR their special needs child.  So, truth be told, I read and read and read.   But something I read just recently that made me stop and think.

I am not sure which post it was but it was about the gifts of a special needs child.  As I read this, I thought of the countless times I would say to someone.  “The gift of Elizabeth is…”  or ” Because of Elizabeth, we can…”  So this post got me thinking.  If there are things we want to change FOR our child, to HELP our child, then what are the things we would NOT WANT to change. Continue reading

Giggles From The Therapy Expert

When you are a child, like Elizabeth who has spent so many countless hours in therapy, you become somewhat of a pro at it. Not that it is easy, and not that she still does not resist initially, but just that you are so used to it that you know the general rhythm of a therapy session.

There are the initial greetings “Hello Elizabeth, how did is go all week for you?”, then the moment she sits down to get to work, or stand up in the case of her gym-therapy, then the description of what is going to happen, then the work and learning begin. Afterwards, I get the wrap-up, the homework, the hug from Elizabeth. Elizabeth gets the excitement of doing something new, the relief to be done and the requisite hug from EVERY therapist.

Sure there may be differences but that is the way it goes most times….but this new therapy this week was not Elizabeth’s but Michael’s. Continue reading