Some Thoughts As We Enter The Holiday Season

I had just posted for the Sensory Processing Awareness Month, which is in October, and  we are still munching on Halloween candy, but even as we wrinkle the wrappers to our fun size snicker bars, one can feel that just over our shoulders lurks…….THE HOLIDAYS! Okay, so maybe lurks if too harsh of a word…I mean can it really lurk when you enter any story and get greeted by a sea of red and green?  or when you listen to the store’s music and realize that “yes….yes indeed…Santa Claus is coming to town”  and soon.

I offer this blog post out early in the season as a way to share how we prepare our mindset for the upcoming holiday time. Continue reading

SPD And Dyspraxia- A Marathon Not A Sprint

As we are in the middle of the month of October or Sensory Processing Awareness month, I wanted to post a bit about something everyone on this journey needs to know.

I can remember the day when I learned it…..I can remember that it was NOT an easy thing to accept….and I can remember the feeling of understanding once I did.  and it is that this path we are on….this journey…our road…is a marathon, not a sprint.  That SPD and its dyspraxic component are part of your child forever.   That there will not be a day that it is simply gone.  We need to know this to realize all we do for our children will make a huge wonderful difference in their lives, but that through their lives SPD and dypsraxia  will play a role. Continue reading

To Reach As High As You Can

I hate change, I hate goodbyes, I pretty much do not like to have to deal with and sort through all my feelings until I can successfully navigate a “new normal”  Having said that, life is full of change, and even though I may hate it, I have learned to deal with it. Sometimes a few tears later, sometimes a chocolate concoction later, sometimes both but I get through it.

When you have a child with special needs, change can hold just that much more significance. Continue reading