Trick Or Treat…And Much More

“Yes, Elizabeth you can go with your brother to trick or treat.”  A simple sentence said.  Many people would not think twice about it except to make sure that they had the proper costume for their child to wear but really that is about it.

But for me, it sort of makes my heart ache.  Let me explain.  The above sentence was said to my beautiful daughter Elizabeth.  Who has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and global dyspraxia AND who is 18 years old.  She absolutely loves to trick or treat, not to eat the eventual spoils of her work but to simple go. Continue reading

What Do You Mean The Blinds Broke? And Other Fun Stories….

Hi to everyone reading my blog.  As you know I am the mother to an wonderful, amazing daughter who has the disorders of Dyspraxia and Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD.

Elizabeth is an absolute love but those disorders simply do not quit.  I share the following example of some of the dyspraxic moments we have shared recently….

If you know Elizabeth, you would know her to be fun, funny and to enjoy a good laugh and sometimes she will deadpan a response to a question and not realize she is being funny. Continue reading

It Is All About the Attitude

Can you imagine for a minute, wanting to do something but being unable to? Trying to accomplish a task, but having to ask for help ALL the time? Or being the age of 17 but at times being treated many many years younger? Or having the emotional feelings typical of your real age but because you are also affected by dyspraxia and SPD your feelings are not fully recognized or honored.

Now see Elizabeth,  she has had a life full of therapies, hard work, and wonderful successes….and love, we can’t miss that but sometimes when I go to wake her in the morning I look at her  and wonder what it must be like to wake up in the morning and simply be HER.  I look at her sometimes and wonder what it is like to wake up and have everything be such work. From remembering how to do a skill, to calling up the words to express yourself.  There is no doubt that Elizabeth is a strong, strong child, one who has made wonderful gains. Continue reading