Even as I read my last post, I cannot believe I have not posted something since WAAAAAYYY long ago.  I am not sure what exactly happened either.  Maybe life stepped in or perhaps our Winter and Spring were so busy that I did not post.  And then, I think every time I went to post, I was feeling like I just did not know where to start to catch-up on all we did and are doing.  And then summer came and so much went on here with graduation of our oldest.  Her getting ready for medical school and moving out.  and of course, Elizabeth adjusting to it all.  But now we are coming out on the other side.  So I am hoping to take a nice deep breath.  And begin posting with some regularity!

I hope all is going well in your world.   And I hope you enjoy the blogs…please let me know if there is ever something you would like me to write about.


Thanks For The Reminder Elizabeth

Basketball, Basketball practice, tutoring, homework, family concerns, therapies, birthdays, workouts, voice lessons, bakery visits and our list goes on.  Trying to figure out what Elizabeth is going to do when her brother has a game 40 minutes away.  Trying to make sure to spend time talking each day.  Trying not to look stressed when all I feel is pressured to be somewhere other than where I am currently.  Even though where I am is somewhere I need to be too!

Our family,  and I am sure your family, is busy.  But sometimes “busy”  just never gets “unbusy” Continue reading

New Year’s Resolutions? I Don’t Think So

10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1….Happy New Year!  And with the change of the calendar , so comes the automatic lists of New Year’s Resolutions.

It seems everyone makes them.  The young, the old, those who want to fine tune their lives and those who want to almost completely revamp everything.  The funny thing is that for most, those resolutions are forgotten or broken by mid-to- late January. Continue reading