Trick Or Treat…And Much More

“Yes, Elizabeth you can go with your brother to trick or treat.”  A simple sentence said.  Many people would not think twice about it except to make sure that they had the proper costume for their child to wear but really that is about it.

But for me, it sort of makes my heart ache.  Let me explain.  The above sentence was said to my beautiful daughter Elizabeth.  Who has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), and global dyspraxia AND who is 18 years old.  She absolutely loves to trick or treat, not to eat the eventual spoils of her work but to simple go. Continue reading

Purple Hair and Other Fun Facts

Today was the day that we decided to “re-purple” Elizabeth’s hair.  In actuality, her hair was pink, then when it sort of washed out, I went and bought SPLAT hair color in purple and began the fun of coloring the light pink pieces to a great shade of deep purple.  Over time, the purple morphs back into this pinky/gold/lavender hue.  It is really an interesting shade and has gotten her quite alot of compliments but instead of being just purple and pretty, it is  really PINK and  really OUT THERE.

So we decide to do this hair today and as we are doing it, we are talking. Continue reading

Chapter With Many Titles

I was running the other day, passing many houses on my one long six mile route around our town.  I find one big lap to be far more entertaining to my eyes and mind than several laps around a track.  So I look and think.  Look and pray.  Look and think…and run.

So the other day as I was doing the above, I see in the distance a lady walking a dog.  I am not sure if it was her gait that jarred my memory, or her dog or both. But I had a flash of a memory…I have not seen her in a long time…  I remembered she had a son about my older daughter’s age. Continue reading