Just Some Thoughts

In the past 2 to 3 weeks, Elizabeth has been expressing a desire to learn new tasks and by that I mean try them all herself. And when you have dyspraxia and SPD like she does this is a HUGE thing. She has always learned things but it has been work and sometimes I was the one saying “You will do this or try this” but this time it was all HER. It was great…probably the very best weeks with her. But I can see how this new way is taxing her….

I have to remember that a simple day to dyspraxics can be exhausting, just the average day to day activities let alone add in all the new things she is trying and learning. Well it all took its toll and she is looking so tired and her mood is less than pleasant.

I am working on how to process this as I want to continue to have her try things as she is still saying she wants to learn and do things herself but she needs to have something that allows her system to rest. So I am thinking of adding some exercises that will calm her as well as her music from ABT that is to relax. We will see how it goes!

It is like I am not discouraged because this came as the result of a growth from her but I am a bit sad as it is yet again a reminder that things others take for granted come at a price for us.

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