Eye Appointment

Today we were off to have the kids’ eyes checked. We always do this in August before school so we know about a problem BEFORE the year starts. This August visit actually has nothing to do with Elizabeth. Getting eyes checked in August was something my mom and dad did for my brothers and me EVERY year. As a kid I can remember desperately trying to focus my eyes and fight the dilating eye drops while the sun was beaming on us on the way home…AHH….good times! But anyway, the August eye checks are just part of our routine.

Each year we go I flash back to the really (for lack of a better word) BAD exam experiences. Where she cried the whole time or fought the doctor, who by the way is our own wonderful Aunt Lyn. You can read about Aunt Lyn in my book. Elizabeth just loves her but that love did not take away the SPD and its resulting effects. Lyn was so great about it and tried so hard to get any amount of a check in, but in reality how can eyes filled with tears really be tested?

Each year I go, I mentally compare it to the last year’s visit, and I always hope I see better things.

I was very happy this year because Elizabeth did all that was asked of her; she even let Lyn put that big machine down on her nose and ask her, “Which is better….one or two?” She let Lyn shine the light in her eyes and simply did a great job.

I am very happy that I can see these changes. I know there are moments in public when I want her to have done this or NOT done that but today? Today I will take the good… Thank you Aunt Lyn for all your patience and love, and thank you Elizabeth for a great job!

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