New School Year Prep Is Done!!!!

I just finished organizing myself for the start of the new school year!! It takes a fair amount of organization for the average child to get ready to begin a new year but for a child with special needs it is even harder!! I feel I must stay 2 steps ahead of where she is. I think it is so important to let the teachers know what you have been able to accomplish since the summer began, I love to write down all the things we did in these 3 months, it helps them to know I also want the school to be made aware of any behavioral modifications I did this summer, such as in the case of a 15 year old, working with her to think before she speaks and to try to be appropriate in all situations. I know this may sound like something that will come naturally but with dyspraxia it does not naturally occur and we need to help Elizabeth think through situations and make proper choices. I am proud as ever of all she has learned this summer and I want to share it with the school for that reason and also to have everyone start the year on the same page and begin to work with even higher expectations for our beautiful child. GOOD COMMUNICATION IS KEY TO A GOOD YEAR! Best of luck to you for a good start to the new school year.. PLEASE COME BACK SOON FOR MORE

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