Time For A Change

This SPD and dypsraxia are tough ones for sure, they never quit.  Just when you think you have a handle of them, they change and morph into something else.  Something new your child is doing is a sign of their disorders.  Just when you figure out why they are doing one thing and deal with it….they do something else and with some thought you see it is a change in them and it is their disorder showing itself in a new way.  Which means that what you were doing to help and work with the one way does NOT help this new way.

Life with a child with these disorders is never the same, NOT ONE DAY TO THE NEXT IS THE SAME.   truly the one thing you can count on is that each day, each experience they have will be different.

We are 15 years into this journey and still find ourselves adjusting and tweaking and thinking about what to do next.  All the things we did have helped Elizabeth make her wonderful gains but the hardest part is that once they have done their job, we have to be able to gain the strength to take a good look at things, think, re-evaluate things, talk to therapists, make changes and then do these changes.

If you wonder what prompted this blog post….Elizabeth has a Christmas break from school that was, I am sure fun for her, but for me was so hard to watch.  All the typical motivators that worked for her, did not penetrate the shell of a teenage-t.v.-watching-moving-from-couch-to- chair- while-snacking- shell she had covered herself in.  She was full of saying “NO” to everything and quite willing to offer her opinion when asked if she wanted to do this or that…and usually it was not the friendliest of responses.

So here we are looking at a new year with a wonderful child, who can do so much, who has grown so much and who can do anything she puts her mind to. But she is not putting her mind to anything willingly.    So now we have to think, “why is this happening’. “should we be concerned or is this a typical teenager moment?” ” what do we do to change things up to encourage her?”  “what should we try first”    As I write this, we have made some changes and they appear to be helping, the first thing we did was to talk to her about what we are seeing and what we would like to see and why.

We are planning on some more changes, and hopefully soon we will be back on track, but there are these times when you can look at these disorders and simply wish they would loose their hold on your child, then the child could just grow and live and we could simply enjoy them. These disorders are strong, but our children are amazing in their strengths.  We just need some moments to breath, think and then we can be back in the game.

Good luck to all for a good week.




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