School Update

I had just posted a little update on our first week of school. It went really well, and I guess I sit here and am really very happy right now. I know it is so much work to set up the year and to bring everyone who will be working with Elizabeth to currency but I am very happy to know that all the information was given to every teacher.

Elizabeth and I had talked alot toward the end of summer ( really it is as if I never really stop talking)but we geared out talks about her need to believe in herself and to trust herself to try things and to do the things we have taught her. Because of her dyspraxia, she is so reticent to just DO the task. She looks to those with her for that last nod and bit of encouragement. I can understand that when it comes to newly learned tasks or when we are working of something together but life is not always going to be such that someone is with you to give you that nod. I told her it has to come from her and for her to TRY! not not be perfect but TRY. and to believe she can do it.

I love watching her take care of so many activities of life that she has learned, she is proud and we are proud. But like everyone who has a special need child…the work continues and the next step is always there. We planned our next step and with God’s will and Elizabeth’s desire to achieve I hope this year is full of firsts and full of pride by that I mean ours of course but more importantly Elizabeth’s for herself

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