Intercessions Can Come In All Forms

When you have a child with special needs, in our case it is  Sensory Processing Disorder or SPD, and dyspraxia… there is always the hope that you will find the support you need in the form of family, friends, therapists and even support groups filled with those on similar journeys.

What is hard is when you have a child who has disorders that, although you are told are prevalent in the population, appear to be evident in your child only.  No matter how hard you look or scan crowds of children, no matter how many towns you go into, no one quite shows the signs of the disorders quite the way your child does.

No one but you it seems is coercing your screaming child into a shopping cart, into shoes, into a high chair. Continue reading

A Nice Treatment

Hi, My sweet little Elizabeth has been acting kind of stressed lately….yes she has had fun with her friend and yes she is adjusting to summer…it has been good.  But she has a lot of feelings in her that she needed to let go of.  I shared about our ill, very loved family member.  I am so happy to say that she had a very good session with Miss Jill today for her Cranio-Sacral Therapy.

Jill said she worked very hard and they accomplished a lot today.. I could see the difference immediately.  Elizabeth looked so much more peaceful and calm.

I know she will always need those extra things to help her in life and I am happy to know how to help her.

Navigating Therapies


Therapy is a wonderful thing, It helped Elizabeth grow and achieve so many goals. But there are some things I wish I would have known when we began our journey. Below are some of the more general ones:

– As wonderful as therapy is, the therapist has to be one you feel comfortable with and one who shares your same vision for your child

-That therapy does not fix the problem the first time you go.

-That a longer therapy session is not always the answer, sometimes 30 good minutes is better than 60 minutes of a struggle.

-That therapy needs good follow up by the parents or guardians.

-That taking notes and asking questions is always a good thing. Continue reading